Woman's figure throughout thought - Solo exhibition of Natalija Miladinovic

The "Figure throughout thought" begins with the initiating idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploring relationships to the theme of the female figure. Aware of movements in postmodern communicative spaces that blur the distance between different types of art, Natalia experiments in the field of the performing arts, starting with her own expression, examining the limits of visual appearance. In the retained distance of the visual representation of the figure on the media of paper or canvas and techniques of photography and painting, one could recognize the germ of introversion, that is, of observing the theme from the inside, without external influences.

Immersed in the modern age of diversity and choice, it is increasingly difficult to recognize the primal need and to identify and distinguish it personally, individually versus collectively. I would pause at this very moment to observe the intuitive inner sensibilities shaped by the visible form of female figures. The term figure itself has more meaning depending on what that term entails. The "Figure throughout thought" is represented through the visual manifestations of figural appearance, and the broader concept is in the content carried by the shaped forms of individual thought.

Natalija Miladinovic expresses her thought through the process of objective observation of the physical transformation of internal energy that occurs through the movement of the female body of an individual model. Each photograph is an elaborately composed composition that captures the carefully chosen transformative processes of the release of spirit in relation to matter. Self-shaped figural forms contain the story of each individual model that practically flows into the flow of the whole. The distinctive play of light and shadow reveals a visual reminiscence of the fine art of the Baroque masters of painting, shifted to the medium of photography. It is in this approach to photography as a composition of artistically blended elements that recognizes Natalia's naturalistic artistic expression in photography.

Biljana Jotic

Curator, art historian