Spiritual - Solo exhibition of Natalija Miladinovic

Let's take a deep breath ... as we breathe, we live! This moment of inhalation separates each individual from the outside, concentrates the interior, spirituality in relation to matter, diversity and uniqueness in relation to formality and collectivity. In this space lies the essence of man's existence, his constant struggle and striving for the union of matter and spirit into the whole of being. When we exhale, matter remains, the body is left to external influences. Natalija Miladinovic called the exhibition Spiritual because she want to introduce us, the spectators, to the specific artistic atmosphere of the spiritually liberated intimacy of the naked female body.

It all began with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploring the process of transformation of the body into spiritual freedom, through Natalia's observation through the camera lens of the movements of individual models that carry the energy of freedom and transmit different states of release. At this point, I would refer to the words of Nikolai Berdyaev: "Personality is a subject, not an object among objects, and it is rooted in the inner plane of existence, that is, in the spiritual world, in the world of freedom." I see the Spiritual exhibition as a meeting of multiple personalities, artistic subjects and the process of liberation. It starts in Natalia's idea to record the processes of energy release in the ecstatic movement of each model individually, it follows the process of the art of transforming recorded forms into compositions with an atmosphere of intimacy even though they are naked bodies. It all ends in the observer's experience.

It is fascinating in how many forms of freedom emerged. Each photograph is a story unto itself, a composition composed of figural forms that emerge from the darkness, as if the moving images were choreographic figures of some play in which each movement symbolized an inner story, and the integrity was at the end of the play. In this case, they could be seen as representations of life, tableau vivant, life energies concentrated in the form of movements, artistic transformations due to Natalia's conceptual spatial and compositional processing of photographic notes.

The exhibition Spiritual is distinguished by recording the immediacy of spiritual encounters and their artistic design. Everything leads to words being superfluous, the experience is complete if you indulge in it.

The constant beauty of art is borne out by the fact that it does not die with us, remains to live and is transformed from one form to another. Like a ghost, it does not lose its occurence, only its appearance. Natalija Miladinovic's artistic appearance is characterized by multimedia expression. She approaches painting by exploring the relationship of his own movement in color and space. In sculpture, the relationship of new materials and spaces. Her exploratory character through a camera lens and the need for spiritual beauty culminates in photographic compositions.

Biljana Jotic
Curator, art historian