Metamorphosis was part of the group exhibition Fidelium which was held in the King's Peter House in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Metamorphosis, as the eternal process of birth and creation, is a paradigm of nature and natural forces acting on the world around us. Metamorphosis is a constant process, it happens on a daily basis and as such it fills our lives. How do you approach metamorphosis through art? Showing development and change over time is a challenge that is addressed with a strong and clear artistic expression. Utilizing the human body, as the most appropriate medium for displaying development and change in time and space, is part of a puzzle that skillfully blended with other techniques can convey a clear idea of ​​metamorphosis. The human body has been admired by artists since ancient times, and it has attracted the attention and interest of both the ordinary world and intellectual elites, and as such is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Through this project, the subject's body is painted with free-flowing brush strokes, using a special color that gives the body the appearance of a sculpture carved in stone and thus gives the impression of stillness. However, as the process of creating a figure is a sort of release and inhalation of life to inanimate matter, sculpture through its iterations experiences changes and rebirth from ordinary stone to meaningful form. which intrigues. These changes are a kind of struggle and release, perseverance on a road that is not visible to the naked eye during its formation and remains forever a part of the past. However, the end result is always visible and clearly visible. This elusive process of creation is captured by a camera camera, where through clear steps we can follow the developmental path and the breath of life to inanimate matter, which in its final form represents a new quality.