Art on paper - National library of Serbia

National Library of Serbia, 05.05. -05.07.2017. – author’s curatorial collective exhibition. This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and by Belgrade Secretariat of Culture. This was the first part of a regional gathering project focused on domestic artists. Paper is medium around which they gathered, with heterogeneous characters, with the idea of the chronicle of the author’s expression on paper. The author's concept is visible in the merging of the visual and the linguistic sign, that is, the exhibition setting of the visual works on paper in the space that inherits the word on paper. Additional specificity is also recognized in the character of the media, as a herald of a new age and a faster spread of information that has led to modern forms of communication. The thematic vagueness is a conscious comparison with the thematic vagueness of the words that this institution inherits, without which we would not be able to know widely today.

Biljana Jotic,
Curator, art historian